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Equestrian Stable Matting

We have a wide variety of Stable Mattings and floorings that can provide additional comfort for your horse and can help to reduce bedding costs. We supply a variety of products suitable for both Individual Stables or for larger set ups.

SOLO-MaT Footbath - Moulded Rubber Sanitising Footbath

  • Fill this Footbath with Disinfectant
  • Helps to prevent spread of Germs & Bacteria
  • Pliable Rubber Scrapers help to remove soiling from Boots
  • Choice of Colours available ex Stock from £ 103 per mat

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MODU-MaT Stable - Modular Interlocking Stable Matting

  • Economical & Hardwearing Stable Flooring
  • Easy to Install and Clean.
  • Temporary or Permanent use
  • Ex Stock from £ 20.20 per Square Metre

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SOLO-MaT Equine - Durable Solid Rubber Stable Mats

  • Free Standing Animal/Stable Mats
  • Bubble Top Finish with Drainage Underneath
  • Reduce Bedding Costs - Increase Comfort
  • Ex Stock from £27.50per mat

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Stable Matting

Rubber matting and modular flooring is used in a vast array of settings. Ruba-DUK offers safety and comfort by providing flooring products that can benefit just about any industry. Though most commonly used for commercial needs, modular flooring is used for the Equine industry as well.

A growing number of Equine enthusiasts find that rubber stable matting helps eliminate many problems. Traditionally stalls are covered in soft bedding that not only provides absorbency but comfort as well. Generally this bedding consists of straw, sawdust, wood chips, and other similar products.

Nearly every horse lover that has used these products will agree that they are messy, become mucky and heavy after use, and they are also difficult to clean up and essentially are inconvenient and costly. Unfortunately, before the era of rubberised flooring products, stable keepers have had few options to choose from. Now that specialised modular flooring and permanent rubber mats are available, many horse owners steer clear from traditional stable bedding options.

Ruba-DUK offers horse owners an opportunity to provide their equine companions a comfortable and safer solution to bedding products for the stall. Two of the most commonly used products are MODU-MAT modular floor tiles and SOLO-MaT rubber flooring. Both products are excellent for use in the equine industry and in other farming applications.

By using permanent rubber stable matting for other livestock animals farmers are able to save a substantial amount of money. Permanent rubberised flooring also offers farmers an easier clean up that reduces the amount of time and labour it takes to keep stalls and other barn areas clean. Though many prefer the permanent flooring known as SOLO-MaT flooring, many people also enjoy the benefit of the MODU-MAT modular interlocking rubber floor tiles.

MODU-MAT tiles are used in both temporary and permanent settings. The 500mm x 500mm x 14mm flooring tiles easily interlock making them the perfect choice for any setting. These tiles are thick enough to provide superior comfort and have shock absorbing qualities. If damaged they are extremely easy to replace. Ruba-DUK always offers these amazingly affordable tiles for any sized order.

The modular tiles are so convenient they are often used in horse boxes as well as brought along to equine shows. These tiles have an elegant diamond plate finish that makes them stylish and adds a touch of class to any stall. When it comes to affordability and convenience these interlocking floor tiles are perfect in every way.

The more permanent rubberized floor matting known as SOLO-MaT is not quite as convenient to carry along but works excellent in horse boxes as well as stalls. Available in sheets that measure 1830 x 1200 x 17mm, SOLO-MaT flooring covers larger areas at one time. Beyond offering the obvious benefits this permanent flooring offers extra thickness that provides even more comfort.

SOLO-MaT permanent rubber flooring provides 17mm of thickness that has a built in drainage feature. This drainage feature provides a more sanitary and easier to clean environment for horses and other animals. Reduce labour and provide cherished horses and other animals with the comfort they deserve by installing a rubberised floor ordered from Ruba-DUK.

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