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"Sedentary"(of work or a way of life) characterized by much sitting and little physical exercise.

A look at a newly released Study on the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on long term health.

Silicone Free Matting & Flooring - We know if you ask for it - it is important!

A look at how the perils of a simple wrist band caused a Silicone Migration and how this has led to Ruba-DUK tightening up its approach to Silicone Free Anti-Fatigue Matting and Flooring and how we now clearly define on our Web-Site if a product is completely Silicone Free.

Paying for Quality, Saves in the Long Run

A brief look at how sometimes paying a little bit more for your Anti-Fatigue Solutions can save money in the long term.

WorkStation Risk Assesment - Are Standing Workers Stations ignored ?

A quick nudge to employers to ensure that certain job functions and workstations are not missed when completing your risk assessments.

Anti-Fatigue, the Aging Workforce and my "Free Bus Pass"

A look at how we all need to start looking at preparing ourselves and our work environments to cope with working those extra years before we can retire.

Anti-Fatigue Modular Interlocking Flooring - Your friend with benefits!

A look at the hidden benefits of Anti-Fatigue Flooring in "Softening the Blow" of Injuries caused by slips and falls.

6 Considerations when judging the Quality of Anti-Fatigue Mats

A look at how to spot the difference between a Quality Anti-Fatigue Mat and those Mats whose quality may offer little more than its original conception "A Flattened Cardboard Box".

"You`re not taking that Away!" (A Welder following the Trial of a WeldMate Mat)

A look at how one particular Welder got a little bit upset when we tried to take away our Sample WeldMate Anti-Fatigue Mat.

We look at 5 Jobs where Anti-Fatigue Mats will prove a Hit!

5 Jobs where Anti-Fatigue Mats will prove a hit, from the Security Guard to the Board Room!

Case Study: Anti-Fatigue Matting

In order to fully demonstrate the positive effects and benefits that anti fatigue matting does bring we have recently put our range through its paces at a local gasket cutting company.
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