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Ant-Slip Surfaces in Extreme Envrionments

Offshore oil platform

Some environments create challenges for even the best Health & Safety Managers, I would imagine that both onshore and offshore Oil Rig Platforms are high up in the league table of difficulty

Imagine therefore receiving an enquiry for an Anti-Slip Retro-Fit Solution that can meet not only the functional demands of the operator but also must meet the approvals and specifications that this industry dictates. Welll this is the challenge that our Friends & Colleagues at the Tennessee Mat Company were handed some time ago and we are delighted to congratulate them in coming up with a product that has been approved by some of the worlds largest Oil Drilling Companies

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The ErgoDeck® Cleated Matting has been designed with Integrated Cleats that provide both a surprisingly comfortable surface to walk on, but also delivers a surefooted work surface for maximum productivity and safety.

We are delighted as this means that we can now offer this product in our Range and don`t worry if you don`t own an Oil Rig, the development work that has gone into this has delivered a mattingthat is both suitable for everyday environments requiring an anti-slip surface but is also in a price bracket that companies without Oil Exploration budgets can afford.

If Oil Rig Technology is still not for you then we have a wide range of other Anti-Slip Mattings available.