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Anti-Fatigue Modular Interlocking Flooring - Your friend with benefits!

Ever fallen on a Hard Concrete Floor ? Well I have - Flat on my Face! - In an incident a few years back and one I probably shouldn`t say too much about - but lets say it involved a Wheel Barrow, Some Racking and several thousand large plastic jars (you know the ones the sweets come in!) oh, and by the way it was right in front of a customer, so a tad embarrassing!

Well anyway falling on a hard concrete floor, not only hurts(oh and it hurts!) but can cause serious injury. Hit your head back or front(like me) and whilst I jest in this blog, it is no laughing matter. I really had only myself to blame on my occasion however sometimes these falls can happen no matter how much attention is paid to preventing them.

This is where a good Modular Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Flooring can have some hidden added benefits. Falling on a cushioned surface can soften the blow and may reduce the severity of an injury, it works a little like the soft play surfaces around childrens play areas and can come in mighty useful.

If this blog has caught you eye then our Rejuvenator® Range may be of interest.