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Case Study: Anti-Fatigue Matting

In order to fully demonstrate the positive effects and benefits that anti fatigue matting does bring we have recently put our range through its paces at a local gasket cutting company.

Sydney Heath and Sons, have been an established company since the turn of the century, mainly specialising in filtration, sponge, and solid rubber gaskets and strip work into the local ceramics industry of the potteries and surrounding areas.

A number of the processes involved in the manufacturing process are labour intensive rather than being fully automated, giving them the edge when it comes to smaller volume production runs and also quality, as more of the finished product is handled in person. This production method does come with drawbacks which require members of the production and inspection team to spend the majority of the day standing.

As with many manufacturing environments safety is key and as such a solid floor is the norm, bringing with it the benefits of durability and ease of cleaning. This does come with a number of disadvantages too. anti fatigue matting is proven to assist in the reduction of the biggest contributor of these work station issues by targeting lower limb disorders. It is reported that over 80% of damage to the Hips, lower leg and feet is caused at work due to over use. Workers report Aching, Numbness, lower limb pain without any specifically apparent cause.

sydney Heath

The purpose of this case study was to trial our Uni-Mat™ in a working environment and measure any benefits seen by press operators over a one month period. The results were as follows:

1. Reduction in perceived tiredness by the user.
2. Greater stability on the floor as the matting an offered anti-slip surface.
3. Increased productivity as more time spent at the workstation in comfort
4. Greater feeling of worker appreciation

Ian Bostock, Sales Manager at Sydney Heath added they are very pleased with the results of the initial trial, and feedback from the production team has been very positive. The team have especially appreciated that the mat is in once piece for ease of movement when cleaning, plus the grippy surface and ramped edge removing the trip hazard other solutions have. The red Uni-mats™ also add a high visibility aspect to the mats, smartening up the athletics of the production area. Ian added, in his experience a "happy worker is a productive worker"

sydney Heath

In conclusion this cost effective mat with same benefits would be felt for anyone in a working environment where the worker is standing for longer periods of time i.e. working in a shop / behind a bar / on an assembly line / behind a trade counter the list goes on, in addition to reducing injury the Uni-mat™ will not increase the risk of trips and falls!

For more details on this product inc. prices and trial samples, please contact our sales team on 01902 307711