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FOOD SAFE Anti-Fatigue

solo-mat food anti-micobial food production mat

This mat is designed specifically for areas for areas where food is preparedbe it a kitchen or line side on a food processing lineto reduce slips and to provide an Anti-Fatigue solution for standing workers. As well as being manufactured from 100% Anti-Mocrobial rubber, it is also resistant to food oils, including vegetable oils, animal fats, citrus & fish oils. The compound from which the mat is manufactured carries "GRAS" status.

solo-mat food anti-micobial food production mat

Further details on our solo-mat Anti-Micobial food protection mats

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Our food production mats are made from 100% Nitrile rubber, complete with an Anti-Microbial additive, and conform to all health and safety requirements for the workplace, including an "A" rated pass against MV55 302. It also achieves slip rated pass against MVSS 302. It also achieves slip resistance performance results of >0.78 in the dry and 0.68 in the wet in accordance with ASTM F1677.