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Here comes the Sun! And Still we moan!

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With Easter around the corner and finally a bit of Spring Sun, then everyone starts to feel a little more upbeat, happier and confident. However, at this time of year that `bloody` sun can be a right pain, it low position in a morning and evening when we are trying to get to and from work can cause havoc and cause temporary blindness to drivers at crucial times. However here are four products that can possibly help to minimise the risk or severity and help make your workplace safer for all concerned.

1. Modular Speed Bumps Nobody really likes a speed bump, however on a Industrial Estate they can be invaluable in reducing the speed of both cars and heavy goods vehicles. Particularly important placed prior to a corner especially where a driver may be temporarily blinded by that low sun.

2. Wheel Stops These retro-fit solutions, are particularly useful in loading bays and car parks, they prevent vehicles from driving past a certain point and possible collision with Walls or other structures that may be damaged or cause damage to the vehicle.

3. Corner Guards Place these on to provide both extra visibility and also to minimise damage to vehicles and buildings in the event of a collision. Your building will eventually thank you for them!

4. Wall Protectors Place these on Walls in Loading Areas or Car Parks again to provide protection for vehicles and structures.

All of these products are part of our wide range of Traffic Management Products