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How to make the right matting choice Part One - Matting or Flooring ?

I suppose the first thing we need to do when looking at this question is to put some definitions against, Mats, Matting and Flooring!

We define a Mat as being either a Small(ish) Standalone or Runner that can be picked up or rolled up in one piece and easily removed. A Mat is not usually fixed to the Ground underneath.

We define a Floor as covering a large area sometimes Wall to Wall (but not always) that requires a degree of installation and may be made or of multiple components. We would probably describe our Modular Floooring as a Hybrid(that trendy word) between a Matting and a Traditional Floor Covering such as Carpet or conventional tiling options.

However these are our definitions and not everybody will agree and possibly we sometimes confuse ourselves. Anyway, if you are still reading after the most blurred of explanations that may or may not have created a greater confusion we can hopefully explain the pros and cons of each.

What size area is to be covered ?
When choosing between a Matting and a Flooring then the Coverage Area is often the first question. A Standalone Anti-Fatigue Mat is normally suitable for a single operator at a workstation and a Long Length Runner Mat is equally suitable alongside an Assembly or Packing Line. However if you are looking to cover an whole area or go "Wall to Wall" then a Modular Interlocking Flooring Solution may be the way to go.

Permanent or Temporary ?
How long is the Mat in Use ? Do you want to remove the mat for cleaning or another purpose when not in use ? If you want to remove at any regularity then a Standalone or Runner Mat is probably the way to go, but if you are looking for something more permanent then a Modular Flooring Solution may be better. Please however also remember that our Modular Interlocking Floorings can be uplifted and re-laid on an occasional basis.

What is the purpose of the Mat ?
Entrance Mats for Soil or Dust Removal are Ideal on a Permanent or Temporary basis and the same goes for Anti-Fatigue Mats at Workstations or beside Assembly Lines. However when Anti-Slip is the main consideration we would recommend a more permanent specialist Anti-Slip Floor such as our ErgoDeck® Cleated Modular Flooring.

Cleaning & Anti-Bacterial Requirements
When considering a Matting or Flooring in say Food Preparation or Laboratories then both cleanliness and Cleaning Method must be a consideration. Modular Flooring solutions are often not suitable in these are as despite the positive inter-locking nature of the connection, their remains a risk of Bacterial build up in the joins. This is where Standalone or Runner Mats are probably the choice as these can be removed for cleaning, both the mat and the floor underneath and don`t forget with have specialist Anti-Microbial and Autoclavable Mats available.

Health & Safety Requirements
We recognise and understand that a lot of Health & Safety Managers simply do no like Mats. Bevelled or Ramped Edges, High Visibility, Anti-Slip Surfaces, Anti-fatigue - For all the Health & Safety Benefits mats can offer, A lot of Health & Safety Managers cannot see past a Trip Hazard and yes even with the very best of bevelled edges Mats are Trip Hazards. If you really have to minimise trip Hazards then complete "Wall to Wall" Modular Ineterlocking Floorings are the way to go.

We hope that the above has helped and we hope to look at other factors that influence choice in later blogs, however if you need help now please don`t hesitate to contact us by either email: or call us on 01902 725515