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"You`re not taking that Away!" (A Welder following the Trial of a WeldMate Mat)

You`re not taking that away, its the best piece of equipment I`ve been given in Years!" This was the reaction of a welder in a recent visit to a Customer when we attempted to retrieve a sample WeldMate Anit-Fatigue Mat. Well as this particular Gentleman was a bit bigger than us and holding a rather menacing piece of welding equipment, we let him keep this particular Welding Mat and we have subsequently been rewarded for this action with this particular customer placing multiple orders for more!

Apparently Mattings and Welding Environments are not often a combination that go together very well. Either Health & Safety Managers have taken them away as a Fire Risk or the Extreme Heat or damage that sparks have caused has resulted in damage and the discarding of mats in super quick time

This is where our Welding Industry based Customers have found the WeldMate Mats meet the rigours of these extreme environments, with a Specialised Coating that resists the Sparks and a Melting Point in excess of 260 Degrees Centigrade.

Welders Love Them - Just don`t try taking one away!

solo-mat weldmate

Introducing our specialist Anti-Fatigue mating for use in areas where welding occurs. The Matts unique compound gives a combination of excellent comfort plus a melting point of 260 degrees celcius, plus a resistance to sparks and metal shards. Our matting also offers an "A" rated pass against MVSS302 and has a reassuring slip resistance complying to ASTMF1677.

welding on solo-mat weldmate