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Stand Up Desk - Are they all that ?

Research into more and more applications for Anti-Fatigue Matting & Flooring has recently highlighted to me the current move towards Stand Up Desks! I must admit to being quite na´ve and not realised these even existed let alone how popular they were becoming!

alt text

Firstly what is the correct phrase ?

Standing Desk ?
Stand Up Desk ?

So should I get one ?

Apparently one of the main advantages of a Stand Up Desk is that you burn more calories which from where I stand(I mean sit) this could be quite useful as since I quit smoking and moved to the wrong side of 40 I seem to have put on a few pounds! Okay quite a few pounds that Dog Walking doesn`t seem to shift!

Other benefits are that used properly it can help my posture and back amongst other things - so long as you use in conjunction with an Anti-Fatigue Mat and I know where I can get one of those!

I also believe that standing can help you to keep warmer and thus use less heating - and for anyone that knows our working environment this could really help.

Which one do I get ?

Their appears to be hundreds - I don`t know where to start - Does anyone have any experiences or recommendations - I would be pleased to hear!

I would love to know anyone else`s experience with Standing Desks and I might try one and update you all. You never know if it works I might make it Company Policy(runs for cover)