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The show must go on!

At this time of year planning for outdoor events of many kinds gets into full swing and as with everything in the UK uncertainties the weather will play a major part in the thinking.

Last summer we were fortunate to have a prolonged and consistent summer with little rain(Lets Hope) and outdoor events were largely unaffected due to weather, however if you think back to the previous summers where rain has caused cancellations and chaos then perhaps planners need to be looking at how to minimise the risks.

Whether organising a wedding, sporting event, garden party, festival or even just a large scale summer barbecue there are many things that can be done such as hiring Marquees, Patio Heaters or getting in extra supplies of "Ponchos" and "Wellies"

However what can often be neglected and can often be the biggest problem is the state of the ground either for walking on or as often the case for additional and overflow car parking, We have all seen the pictures and television coverage of cars being stuck in 3 feet of mud and having to be towed out by a friendly farmer and his tractor.

Modular Grass Matting can help either as an emergency retrofit solution to help create some stability to muddy grassed areas or more effectively it can be used in the preparation of areas that are going to be used for either heavy foot traffic and/or parking. These specially designed Modular solutions are Rubber or PVC based and add stability to ground that is likely to become "boggy". The best thing is it will become virtually invisible over a few weeks and months as the grass grows through the product and yet remain highly effective.

Modular Grass Matting