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Trolleys, Sack Trucks & Automobiles

Designing Anti-Fatigue Matting or Modular Floorings to allow for Non-Pedestrian Access can often be a challenge, we have been shown all sorts of crazy designs to allow for operators to stand at machines or assembly lines and to allow wheeled trollies, sack trucks and forklift trucks to navigate in between areas of matting.

However there is often no need for these crazy designs as choosing the right matting can often result in the matting being suitable for wheeled trollies and sack trucks. ErgoDeck® or Rejuvenator® may be more than suitable for use with your wheeled trollies and sack trucks and added ramped edges and corners ensure ease of movement between matted and non-matted areas.

Some mattings are even suitable for Fork Lift Trucks although we would suggest advice is sought on this as there can be a number of differing variables that affect suitability.

Of course if any help is needed in the selection of the right flooring we are more than willing to help.