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We look at 5 Jobs where Anti-Fatigue Mats will prove a Hit!

Anti-Fatigue Mats

If you`ve read any of our Site Literature or viewed any of our previous blog entries then you will probably already know about the benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats. If you are one of our many satisfied customers then you will probably be already experiencing the benefits for yourself. However we look at 5 Jobs here that we believe benefit greatly from the scientifically improved benefits of standing on a Quality Anti-Fatigue Mat and the subtle muscle movement that they encourage.

1. Machine Operator - Whether in a Factory, Print Shop, Mill or CNC Machining Cell it is likely that the machine operators will be standing for considerable amounts of time. An Anti-Fatigue Mat can assist in both improving the health and welfare of Machine Operators.

2. Assembly Line Operative - Picking or Packing, Assembling or Sorting,Anti-Fatigue Mats are ideal for improving staff morale and attendance - Our extra long Rubber Mats are ideal for this kind of environment.

3. Welders - A lot of skilled welders spend countless hours either standing or in any number of positions, crouching and kneeling etc. Polymer based mattings are often seen as impractical or unsafe to use in these environments due to the potential risk of Fire, caused by a Welding Spark, igniting the mat - Not so, the Rubber-DUK WeldMate Mat has a special coating which is both Fire and Heat Resitant and has been specifically designed for the Welding Industry.

4. Security Guards & Gatehouse/Car Park Attendants - Employees who work outside of the Main Buildings can often be forgotten about, however a Security Guard or Car Park Attendant who works either outside or in a Gatehouse can spend a number of hours day or night standing. Ensure you keep your gatehouse in mind when concluding any risk assemsents.

5. Managing Director - Why the MD I hear you say, in a lot of Businesses the MD spends a hell of a lot of time sitting in a very comfy executive chair. Well the MD seeks a successful & profitable business and Anti-Fatigue Mats can help contribute to this is probably more ways than you think, Heathier and Happier workers are more productive and have better attendance records. Therefore Anti-Fatigue Mats prove a hit with the MD too!

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