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WorkStation Risk Assesment - Are Standing Workers Stations ignored ?

Most people are aware of the need to risk asses employees workstations to ensure that employers are doing all that is reasonably possible to minimise Health & Safety risks and to prevent both short term & long term harm. However it might be worth taking a fresh look at this particular section of the dreaded risk assessment files to ensure that all workstations are included.

A number of our customers have recently reported that having reviewed their risk assessment files, they have done lots for their, Desk Workers, Machine Operators & Fork Lift Truck Drivers, however they have not regarded certain work areas as Workstations and/or they have not regarded certain job functions as having a defined workstation.

A couple of reoccurring entries on the Workstations Missed category are the poor Security Guard & Gate Person and also the packers & pickers who don`t have one workstation on a daily basis but move around to where the work is.

A lot of these Workstations and work functions have one thing in common as they often involve the standing worker who does not have one fixed workstation and moves around the workplace, however can spend several hours standing in one place.

If this article resonates with you in any way then please remember that we carry a number of solutions like Anti-Fatigue Matting and are well positioned to help you move quickly to remedy any missed workstations.

If this particular blog doesn`t apply to you then you are probably no-longer reading but just in case we congratulate you on your very thorough risk assessment process.