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Silicone Free Matting & Flooring - We know if you ask for it - it is important!

A look at how the perils of a simple wrist band caused a Silicone Migration and how this has led to Ruba-DUK tightening up its approach to Silicone Free Anti-Fatigue Matting and Flooring and how we now clearly define on our Web-Site if a product is completely Silicone Free.

Anti-Fatigue, the Aging Workforce and my "Free Bus Pass"

A look at how we all need to start looking at preparing ourselves and our work environments to cope with working those extra years before we can retire.

The show must go on!

A look at how Modular Grass Matting can assist when planning outdoor events.

How to make the right matting choice Part One - Matting or Flooring ?

Part one in the Series of helping our customers to choose the right Matting or Flooring Solution for their requirements ? Part One - Looks at the differences between a Mat and a Flooring.

"You`re not taking that Away!" (A Welder following the Trial of a WeldMate Mat)

A look at how one particular Welder got a little bit upset when we tried to take away our Sample WeldMate Anti-Fatigue Mat.

Tackling Flooring issues in Short Term or Temporary Premises

A look at how Modular & Interlocking Flooring & Matting can be used effectively in Short Term Industrial Premises and removed and re-laid when required.

Ant-Slip Surfaces in Extreme Envrionments

A look at how an Anti-Slip Flooring Solution designed for the Oil Industry is both suibtable and cost effective for everyday Industries.

Case Study: Anti-Fatigue Matting

In order to fully demonstrate the positive effects and benefits that anti fatigue matting does bring we have recently put our range through its paces at a local gasket cutting company.

The Muscle Pump Effect

Physical fatigue occurs when muscles are constricted. When a person stands on a hard surface, leg muscles are constricted and static.

Treat your Horse to our stable matting for the winter

Although looking at todays weather here in Wolverhampton you would be forgiven to thinking that the the winter is months away, however this makes it an ideal time to clean out your stables ready for the winter and treat your horses to our Ruba-DUK Rubber stable matting.
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