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How does Anti-Fatigue Matting work ?

How does Anti-Fatigue Matting reduce fatigue?

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Independent tests show that standing on a hard floor leads to an immobile standing pattern, causing stiffness and poor circulation.
Ruba-DUK Anti-Fatigue Mats, Matting and Flooring encourage subtle movement of leg and calf muscles, resulting in increased blood and oxygen flow. Fatigue is reduced.

Further tests measure energy consumption in the supporting muscles, such as those in the legs and lower back, demanded by standing on a hard floor.
When standing on Ruba-DUK Anti-Fatigue Mats, Matting or Flooring, energy is conserved by as much as 50%.

These results are confirmed by subjective testing:
In a real working environment, when comparing it with a hard floor, employees record that feelings of overall fatigue are reduced by as much as 50% when working on Ruba-DUK Anti-Fatigue Mattings & Floorings.

Typical Applications for Anti-Fatigue Matting: Assembly Lines, Picking & Packing, Engineering, Processing, Inspection,Machine Operation, Counters & Checkouts, Conveyor Lines, Warehouse & Distribution, , Control Stations, etc. As a general rule, Anti-fatigue Matting is beneficial in all areas where people stand for more than 2-
3hrs a day.

Ruba-DUK`s extensive range of Anti-Fatigue Products come in all shapes and sizes from Smaller Individual Sized Free Standing Mats, through to Runner Mats to cover whole Assembly Lines, and with Modular Flooring Solutions to cover entire flooring areas.

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