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Create a Great Industrial Floor Area - Its Quick, Easy & Low Cost !!!!

We all know that not all Industrial Buildings are like the ones shown in the Glossy Works Management Magazines or the Industrial Pull Outs! A lot of Industrial Units can sometimes be a little bit tired but absolutely Fit for Purpose. For a lot of Companies moving to a Modern Facility is simply a luxury that can neither be afforded and the cost (that would have to be passed onto customers in some way) cannot be justified.

MacLellan Rubber has exactly the problem it operates from a 24000 Square Foot Warehouse in the West Midlands - Fully Fit for purpose, but a little bit tired.

Before Installation of Modular Matting

MacLellans were looking for a quick and cost effective solution to improve the flooring areas and it used MODU-MaT Multi to create nice and neat walkways throughout its corridors.

The best thing about the product was its versatility - we put it down ourselves and all we needed was a Mallet and a Stanley Knife. If you can do a Jigsaw Puzzle - you can lay this flooring - it Modular Design simply links together like the simplest of Jigsaw Puzzles.

Installation of Modular Matting

Add Ramped Edges to reduce and Slip & Trip Risks and to ensure it complies with all Accessibility Legislation for Wheelchair use.

Add Ramped Edges

It took less than 1 Day to lay an area of approximately 25 Square Metres and was useable straight away!! No curing or drying time - and we did not have to make any areas "No Go" areas during its installation.

MacLellan believe it cost less than one third of the cost of having the Floor professionally coated and painted.

It has created a Flat, Safe and Great Looking Walkway that covers all the marks and wear and tear of a 50 Year old building.

After Installing Modu-MaT Multi

The best thing is - if we decide to move we lift and take with us and re-use elsewhere!

Steve Jackson, Quality H&S Manager for MacLellan Rubber commented " In all my working life this is the Quickest, Cheapest and Simplest Industrial Flooring Solution I have seen - I was amazed at the change it to our environment at such a low cost"

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