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Free-Standing Mats

Stand Alone Mats (Solo-Mat) are Free Standing Mats that are either Pre-Moulded or Profiled to be able to lay on the floor in a variety of Applications.

Some Free Standing Mats are designed for Workstations as an Anti-Fatigue Mat to offer long term comfort to the user at defined work stations adjacent to machinery, test stations, packaging areas etc. Solo-MaTs are quick and easy to place and relocate as required by the user and by their nature can be changed frequently with minimal disruption.

Some Free Standing Mats are designed to be placed in Entrance Areas to act as a Barrier Mats to prevent the transfer of Water, Mud or Even Snow into Buildings and Work areas.

Stand Alone Mats (Solo-Mat) are manufactured with a wide variety of surface profiles although most commonly Checker Plate and Open Mesh, but also incorporate a diverse range of surface treatments and more importantly anti-fatigue base layers. These base layers not only minimise the potential for product movement during use but also greatly enhance the users comfort thereby minimising fatigue.

Stand Alone Mats (Solo-Mat) are available in several predefined sizes but can also be cut to non-standard sizes to suit your unique application.

Manufactured in a variety of materials such as Vinyl, PVC, Rubber and Foam, Solo-Mats meet industry specifications for Electrically Conductive (ESD), Static Dissipative Matting with or without grounding cords, Electrically Insulating Matting, Flame Resistance, Anti-Slip and Anti-Fatigue.

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