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Modular Matting & Flooring

Modular Mattings (Modu-Mats) are quick and easy to install and offers many advantages over standard Roll Matting, particularly in areas where installation time can be a limiting factor or the floor shape is not geometric. Also known as Jigsaw Matting or Interlocking Flooring these highly versatile products enhance comfort for the user in wet or dry applications and consequently improve productivity by reducing employee absence due to fatigue and muscle strain.

The Modular form allows for rapid installation and uplift where a temporary floor surface is required; ease of storage and transport for portable applications with the added advantage of being capable of accommodating unique or customised floor profiles at different venues; and swift replacement of worn areas.

The wide variety of surface profiles from the aesthetic Penney, Button or Checker Plate to the heavier duty Square, Bubble and Open Mesh (for Drainage) can in many cases be enhanced with additional anti-slip treatments enabling this product to be used in such diverse applications as Anti-Fatigue and Non-Slip Matting in industrial environments through to Garage Flooring, Gym surfaces and Exhibition Walkways.

The addition of ramped edging to create a high visibility border for greater safety also makes these perfect for use as Indoor and Outdoor Mats.

Our Modular Mattings (Modu-Mat) are supplied in tile sizes from 300mm x 300mm up to 900mm x 900mm, depending on the application, with a variety of positive interlocking styles that prevent separation even in the most arduous environment including heavy traffic areas involving carts and vehicles.

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