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Traffic Management Products

From Speed Bumps to Wheel Stops. Ruba-Duk has a wide range of products to Assist with the Management of Traffic on your Site.

When not on the Public Highway it is the responsibility of Directors, H&S and Facilities Managers to take appropriate measures to Manage Traffic Flow in a Safe and Efficient Manner on the site.

Rubber Modular Speed Bumps are an Ideal retro-fit solution for any site to Encourage Drivers to reduce their speed and minimise the risk of Accidents and collisions.

Wheel Stops can define areas in which Vehicles can travel or Park and once again are an Ideal retro-fit option.

Traffic Management Products

It is no secret that traffic management products are useful in controlling and managing traffic in any area. No matter whether you manage the safety and health of a large business enterprise or work for a government traffic council, it is necessary to get familiar with different types of traffic management options. This will assist you in carrying out your chore with ease. Moreover, it will also help you to understand what kinds of products will be suitable for your particular needs, and what objectives can be attained using those products. Some of the different products to manage traffic are listed below.

Speed Humps

These smaller bumps in the road are one of the most useful tools to manage any kind of traffic. They are very effective in slowing down speeds which in turn minimises the extent of accidents. The simplest way is to make speed humps on the surface of the road. Besides being cost effective, they are easily visible from distant. As a result, drivers can control the speed of their vehicles as they come closer to humps.

Speed Cushions

Speed cushions work in the similar way like speed humps, but they offer better flexibility. Cushions are narrower in shape compared to humps. This allows wide wheel base vehicles like ambulances and fire engines to remain unaffected by their installation when drivers slow down the speed of their vehicle while crossing over cushions.


Chicanes compel drivers to control their speed by forcing them to alter their route. Unlike speed humps, they donít cause any damage to the vehicle. Hence, they are a preferred solution to control traffic in many areas. However, the cost of constructing chicanes is pricey compared to speed humps and cushions.

Width Restrictions

Width restrictions are considered as the most effective means of calming down traffic. Moreover, they are very helpful to pedestrians to cross the road. They work in the same manner like chicanes, and alert speedy drivers to slow down their vehicles.

One Way Streets

Restricting the amount of traffic in one particular direction can certainly reduce the amount of congestion. Having a route set with one way direction is one such easy way to attain this objective. Moreover, one way streets tend to be safer than two way streets. However, it is important to use signage and other signals to inform people and drivers about the one way lanes to avoid accidents and other issues.

Standard and Mini Roundabouts

Both mini and standard roundabouts can do wonders for managing traffic and congestion. They provide equal opportunities to people to exit, and help to prevent traffic that is common in busy areas. Moreover, roundabouts do not take up much landscape, especially mini roundabouts, but they still help to attain desired health and safety benefits.

Thus, there are various types of traffic management products to control and manage traffic in any area. The better the use of these products, the lower will be the fatalities and injuries resulting from collisions and accidents. This is why it is recommended to have traffic control options installed in all areas to ensure top class safety and convenience.

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