Products & Environments - Wall, Surface & Corner Protection

Wall, Surface & Corner Protection

Corner, Surface & Wall Protection Products absorb impact and reduce the risk of expensive structural damage and associated costs.

They can be used in many Environments including Warehouses, Loading Bays and Car Parks.

These products can be in many different materials for different uses, from Plastics & Foam intended for more Internal Light Duty use where aesthetics are important through to Industrial Rubber where the Durability of the Material is the fundamental requirement.

Reflective Strips & Coatings can make obstructions more visible to minimise the risk of Impact in the first instance.

Introducing NEW Polyurethane Foam Racking Protectors - Protect your employees from Personal Injuries resulting from accidental collisions with Racking. These Foam Protectors retro-fit to racking and provide a simple, easy to fit, and smart looking solution. An essential racking accessory for any Warehouse or Storage facility.

This Section includes Corner Protectors and Wall Protectors.

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