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Factory Equipment Launch Ruba-DUK products


There has been a quiet revolution in the supply of Rubber Safety Products for Site Safety and Building Protection as well as Pedestrian and Traffic Management in the UK with the launch of the Ruba-DUK product range in Factory Equipment magazine

Ruba-DUK has set out its objectives to offer a complete range of Rubber Safety Products manufactured from a high percentage of materials with aspirations to be the leader in the supply of environmentally sustainable Rubber Safety products.

With a focus on quality and service at competitive prices the Ruba-DUK range is offered from stock shipped direct from its Wolverhampton Distribution Centre. Local support and technical advice is available through approved agents and distributors within the UK, appointed by the company for their expertise, professional approach and commitment to customer service.

The Ruba-DUK range of products are well suited to tough working environments both internally and externally with maximum roll over weights of up to 20 Tons, , and are easy to install and remove for long or short term work arrangements. Ruba-DUK products are designed to be functional but aesthetic with high visibility reflective surfaces to suit Health & Safety requirements.

Trip Hazard Safety

The Cable and Hose protection systems are ideal for warehouses and loading areas where forklifts and pallet trucks are commonly in use and where trip hazards need to be minimised. The robust design and high visibility colouring make them equally suitable for more aggressive construction site traffic.

Building Protection

The Wall Protection and Corner Guard units are designed to protect both the structure of your buildings and the equipment operating within and around the building, providing a highly visible impact absorption and scuffing surface which can be removed and replaced when damaged. Loading bays and areas where fork lift trucks and mobile units are operating are ideally suited to these products, additionally parking areas close to walls or posts where damage to company or visitor vehicles can be avoided for minimal cost

In areas that require protection from moving vehicles Ruba-DUK Wheel Stops are the product of choice both internally around racking systems and critical equipment and externally against buildings and structures. These robust and resilient products are easily located and installed using installation bolts available separately.

Traffic Control & Speed Management

The Ruba-DUK collection also includes a comprehensive range of individual parts for Speed Humps and multiple configurations for ready to install Speed Humps in both 50mm and 75mm roll heights. With both economy and premium products to choose from you can be sure that the product you choose meets both your technical requirements and budget. The modular nature of these products mean that if damaged they can be quickly lifted and replaced with minimum inconvenience. Appropriate fixing for concrete or tarmac are available to suit your installation requirements.

To complement the range of fixed Speed Humps , Ruba-DUK uniquely offer a Temporary Speed Hump which can be deployed within minutes to provide traffic controls solutions in situations where fixed traffic control is either inappropriate or unacceptable. Such situations may include, temporary road works; parking control for festivals or community events; traffic control for safe areas around schools and other buildings where personal safety is important but only required at critical times of the day.

Anti-Fatigue and Anti-Slip

The Ruba-DUK range of Floor Safety Products encompass a broad spectrum of applications from Checker Plate and Button Rubber Matting in form suitable for general walkways and high footfall areas; Electrical Insulation Matting where personal protection is imperative; and moulded Anti-fatigue Mats for workstations. Ruba-DUK are also launching their new recycled Modular PVC Matting with either a Checker Plate or Stippled Honeycomb surface. Both products offer exceptional safety characteristics in heavy workload areas, internally or externally, with slip resistance to BS7188, flame resistance to UL 94 V-2 and acoustics absorption.

To ensure you meet your companies Health & Safety obligations and to follow new product updates as they are released in 2012 visit our HOME page where you can order individual items or pre-defined sets of products, as well as find full details of the range with downloadable information sheets.

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