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Introducing our RUBA-Duk Dust Control/Clean Room Mat


Introducing our RUBA-Duk Dust Control/Clean Room Mat

This is an ideal product for use in any environment where dust control is not only essential but also where damage or contamination bleed into other rooms needs to be prevented.

tacky mat

The Dust control matting is designed in a multi-layer "peel able" format to remove debris and dust from the soles of shoes using a specialised Self Adhesive Coating. Each Mat contains 30 Layers that once used can be removed and discarded. Each layer is numbered to monitor usage and time for replacement.

tacky mat 1

In addition to being ideal for use in clean rooms in the manufacturing sector, they also have another more widely used application in preventing Dust Transference from one area to another during building and Demolition in the Home. This makes it a very useful Simple and Effective addition to any tool box from major contractor to local builder.

Tacky Mats remove Dust and Debris
30 Layers per Mat - Peel of and start again
Ideal when Construction or Demolition occurs
Ex Stock from 81.57 per Mat

For more details contact the sales team now on 01902-307711

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