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Ruba-Duk Entrance Matting

In recent years one of the trends in the building and construction industry is the use of rubber safety products that are not only highly functional but are also environmentally friendly. Our team at Ruba-Duk have been manufacturing and distributing high quality and efficient rubber safety products for some time. This company commits to their customers a full range of top of the line products as well as quality, professional and excellent customer service.

One of our bestsellers is their SOLO-Mat Universal Rubber Honeycomb Entrance Mat. This is the best solution for buildings that expect heavy foot traffic on an everyday basis. It is most suitable for indoor and outdoor use such as in reception areas of buildings and works area entrances for industrial settings. The innovative honeycomb design works well for removing snow and mud making it the perfect choice for buildings in wet areas or as a temporary solution during bad weather. This mat was brilliantly designed to be tapered on all four edges in order to reduce the risk of injury due to slips and falls.

Ruba-Duk’s SOLO-Mat Extreme is a high performance rubber entrance mat that is meant to be used when the going gets tough. Designed with thousands of scraping fingers, this heavy-duty mat does a great job of removing soil, mud, ice, snow and just about any type of debris from the outside. One of its best characteristics is that it lies flat instantly when it is taken out of the box, thereby increasing its quality. This is best used in the entrance areas of factories, construction sites, theme parks, farms, botanical gardens and many more. Shopping malls and hotels should also keep this in handy because it will be extremely useful during rainy weather.

For offices that need to be extra clean at all times, the best Ruba-Duk product would be the SOLO-Mat Clean. This tacky multi-layered dust control mat is made with a specialised self adhesive coating that effectively removes dust from the soles of the shoes. The best feature of this product is that it helps to contain dust transference from one place to another thereby helping you maintain the cleanest room possible.

This product is simple yet highly effective and would probably be the best investment for you if you want to make sure that your area is safe and clean at all times.

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