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About our Anti-Slip Matting

Reduce Slip-Hazards Without Restricting Existing Work Processes

The most economical solution in an environment where slips are a constant risk is to install a form of anti-slip matting in all high-risk areas. Ruba-DUK is the largest stockist in the UK of Industrial flooring and matting including anti-slip matting. Supplying more than 3000 businesses each year and with the ability to respond to emergency orders with 24 hours, Ruba-DUK can meet all your anti-slip matting needs. With more than 1000 products on offer, Ruba-DUK offers solutions for a wide range of situations including construction sites, car parks, sites that experience extreme weather conditions and public buildings. Specialist solutions are also available for electricians, laboratories and IT Managers.

Runa-Mat Excel Runner Mats

The Runa-Mat Excel Runner Mat is one of the most popular mats that we sell at Ruba-DUK and is now available with a grit finish for improved slip resistance. The Runa-Mat is perfect for areas that experience particularly heavy traffic such as packing areas and assembly lines. The mat comes with a diamond plate finish and a choice of colours. There are three choices of underlay, including recycled Urethane and top-of-the-range Nitricell® that is extra tough and oil resistant to boot. As well as reducing slipping, the mat comes with a beveled edge that can also be highlighted to help prevent trips when entering the matting area.

MODU-Mat Multi-Modular PVC Interlocking Tiles

Runner mats are not always suitable as anti-slip matting because of their shape - sometimes you need something a little more flexible. This is where MODU-Mat comes in, an anti-slip matting that can be made to fit almost any shape through interlocking tiles. The 500mm tiles fit together just like a jigsaw to fill any space where you need to reduce the chances of slipping. The tiles themselves come in a variety of colours and can have either a diamond or button finish. MODU-Mat module tiles are flame-retardant, oil resistant, chemical resistant and weather resistant in addition to being highly durable and anti-slip. The tiles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and for either permanent or temporary installation. Interlocking ramp edging allows for a smooth transition onto the tiles and help prevent trips while also making the tiles perfect for both commercial and industrial purposes. All these features make MODU-mat one of the most versatile and economical anti-slip matting solution available on the market today.

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