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All about our Gym Matting

At Ruba-DUK, as leaders in industry matting, we understand the importance of quality mats, and have created the perfect solution that can be used in numerous applications, regardless of the size of the particular space. With thick interlocking PVC tiles, itís a versatile solution that allows for virtually any configuration. Putting it together is as easy as completing a puzzle, so anyone can install it, regardless of their skill level. Furthermore, there are also finished edges that are used to complete the "jigsaw" puzzle pieces, for a seamless, straight edge, to provide for both appearance and safety.

Superior gym matting also serves as a slip resistant surface, which is imperative in an exercise space. Without such a surface, injuries during workouts would be very common, so such an application can keep them to a minimum. There are major differences in regards to quality, and these in particular can be used both indoors or outdoors because they are durable and weather resistant.

Even in a workout space, colour is important because it creates an atmosphere that members would feel good in. In response to design, this gym matting comes in a variety of colours, including black, blue, green, grey, red, white, and yellow. So, designers could choose from several different colours to create distinct workout areas with contrasting colours, or go with a monochromatic floor surface, depending on their needs and desires.

Moreover, customers can pick the surface finish, either opting for the button or diamond plate designs. Regardless of colour or design, customers get versatility and hard-wearing flooring thatís economical and attractive. Plus, modular flooring can be a temporary or permanent solution, so itís possible for it to be reused.

When choosing gym matting, in either a residential or commercial setting, the first thing in mind is safety, meaning choosing a non-slip surface. Next, you should consider cost-effectiveness, so that youíre getting value from the product. Donít opt for a product solely on the purchase price, as this has absolutely no bearing on its value. Instead, consider its cost, ease of installation, and durability/longevity, all in one in order to understand its value. Finally, consider the appearance of the surface, so that your space looks as great as you envisioned it in the planning stages. Once you have made all these serious considerations, then you will see the value of Ruba-DUK products gym matting Jigsaw flooring systems.

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