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All about our Rubber Speed Bumps

Controlling the flow and speed of traffic on commercial property is the responsibility of the owner. It is up to Directors, Health and Safety Officers and Facility Managers to take the necessary steps to ensure that site traffic is managed in a way that ensures the safety of all drivers. Installing rubber speed bumps is an effective way of encouraging drivers to slow down.

Ruba-DUK is a major supplier of rubber safety products for industrial sites, retail and office locations as well as public areas, for use both inside and outside. We provide a complete line of rubber speed bumps that can be installed quickly in any location to reduce risks of accidents and collisions. Our professional team at Ruba-DUK understand the importance of accident prevention, and are always available to discuss how best to address site safety concerns in a cost effective manner.

What is a Speed Bump?

A speed bump is a low raised ridge placed across a driveway, road or parking lot to cause drivers to slow down to a comfortable speed to pass over the bump. The length of the bump is usually 400 mm, and its height typically 5 or 7.5 cm, with increased height tending to cause drivers to slow down even more. The speed rating for a 5 cm bump is 10 mph, and 5 mph for the 7.5 cm bump. Because the speed bump makes such an abrupt change in the surface profile, most drivers tend to slow down almost to a stop to go over it.

Easy Installation of Rubber Speed Bumps

Ruba-DUK provides rubber speed bumps that are modular in construction, allowing different lengths to be created to adapt to the required road width. They are easy to retrofit to any surface. Each section is connected to others by using a butt join or an interlocking method, and then bolted to the surface or road. This speed reduction solution is durable and long lasting.

The company offers three styles of their modular speed bump design:

  • The standard 5 cm high yellow and black rubber speed bump provides a speed rating of 10 mph

  • A premium 5 cm rubber speed bump is available; it includes reflective Cats Eyes moulded into each module to allow better visibility of the bump at night

  • The premium 7.5 cm high modular speed bump has a speed rating of 5 mph, and it too includes Cats-Eye reflectors

A separate end module can be applied to any of these designs, to protect the ends from wear and also to give the speed bump a finished look.

Ruba-DUK also offers portable speed bumps designed for temporary use. These units can be installed quickly as they are simply laid on the pavement with no need for a fastening device. They are easily stored and brought out when there is a need to remind drivers to reduce their speed for road repairs, an accident or even a special event. The bumps are collapsible and fold into their own storage bag. Whenever there is a need for traffic calming measures, rubber speed bump products from Ruba-DUK offer the ideal solution.

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