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All about our Runner Mats

Having high-quality matting in a workplace can often be crucial. Many business owners underestimate the effect that safety matting can have, and the positive changes that good quality runner mats, and other kinds of matting, can make to the health and productivity of workers.

Our runner mats provide a range of solutions to your company’s matting issues. All products can be shaped and cut to cater for your bespoke needs. Runner matting is used when buying a whole roll of matting is either unsuitable or inappropriate. It offers something of a middle ground between buying a full roll, and opting for a stand-alone solo mat.

We offer the same kind of variety with our roll matting as we do with our other products. There is a full range of colours from which to choose. Our runner mats can also be manufactured with the same kind of anti-microbial and anti-fatigue features that our other varieties of matting possess.

Runner mats are an ideal solution when your company needs matting installed swiftly. They can be a loose fit option, for example, for installing around moveable work stations. But they can also be used as a more permanent feature, in standing areas in factories, laboratories or production lines. All matting is manufactured in line with our strict set of safety standards, minimising the chance of trips and other accidents.

Our anti-fatigue matting helps to minimise worker stress by supporting vulnerable areas of the body, such as the back. This helps to cut down on worker absence and ill-health, and helps to create a happier workforce. This is a useful feature for runner mats, which are often used in places such as medical labs, where workers may have to stand for very long periods indeed.

Ruba-DUK runner mats also have anti-microbial features, which is crucial when working in places such as medical labs. Floors without matting can be dangerous not just in terms of being slippery, but also because diseases and infections have a chance to thrive on dirty floors. Our good quality matting solutions therefore also keep workers safer from the risk of infection.

We can also offer non-cushioned, non-treated matting, for those situations where comfort is not a primary concern. We can provide non-cushioned rubber mats in different materials. Vinyl matting helps to provide protection from chemicals, and performs to a high standard under pressure. Nitrile rubber matting protects against oil, while SBR rubber can be a good, lower-cost option.

If you need a longer runner mat, perhaps for a factory production line environment, then we can sell matting material in large tiles. These can then be connected together to form the size of runner mat that you require. As with all our products, there is a good range of colours, materials and finishes available. You are sure to find something which suits your work environment.

So check out our range of products on the website. Whatever your needs and requirements, Ruba-DUK can come up with a sensible, good value solution for any of your matting issues.

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