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Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-Microbial Mats

The anti-microbial mats are ideal for companies that require a sterile manufacturing environment, such as food processing companies, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. The anti microbial mats and runners have a bevelled edge to protect workers from slipping and falling and are available in four colours.

Welding Mats

The Specialist Welding Anti-Fatigue Mat is made to be resistant to sparks and should be used by factories and companies where welding takes place on a regular or even occasional basis. These mats have a melting point of 260C and workers can use this mat no matter what type of welding they do.

Electro-Static Discharge Mats

Electro Static Discharge Anti-Fatigue Mats are made to eliminate static annoyance caused when working with sensitive electronic equipment. These Anti-Fatigue mats also help to prevent damage that can be caused to the equipment as a result of static discharge.

It is very important for these mats to be installed properly in order to provide maximum protection. They should be used with a heel grounder and earthing cord at all times to ensure that static is fully absorbed by the mat.

Investing in anti-fatigue matting is a wise move. Many manufacturing plants and other commercial entities have found that installing these mats enhances the comfort of those working at the company, thus boosting productivity levels and reducing common on the job injuries. At Ruba-Duk we offer a wide variety of these mats, many of which are specifically made to suit the needs of particular industries. All a company owner has to do is consider the selection of mats available, see what size or type of mat would best suit the needs of the company and then place an order. All orders are processed in a quick, efficient manner and nearly all the mats can easily be installed without professional help.

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