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Offices and industrial zones often require lengthy cabling. Engineers do their best to place them where they can be out of sight, away from disruptive elements. However, sometimes the most practical option is to have them cross high traffic areas. In these cases, the wires will have to be shielded from the constant flow of pedestrians and vehicles. At Ruba-DUK we have studied this problem thoroughly and have come up with a number of reliable cable protection products that provide peace of mind.

The Standard Medium-Duty Plastic Interlocking Cable Protector

This shield offers basic protection for cabling. It is made out of durable PVC plastic that can withstand constant pressure. Each piece is 1000mm long, 270mm wide, and 40mm high with ramped edges to prevent tripping and other accidents. It comes in a highly visible colour with a non-slip surface pattern as an added safety feature. These qualities make it a must-have for workplaces that rely heavily on wired equipment. Cable protectors keep your employees safe and the operations running smoothly.

The ends are designed to link up with other segments in a secure manner. This allows users to shield wires of any length around the office, factory, or other industrial units. The modular system can adapt to the requirement whether it is as short as one meter or as long as a hundred meters. The versatility and simplicity of the design make the segments suitable for a host of applications.

Setup is easy so they can be used for temporary as well as permanent installations. For instance, those who are in the business of equipment rental always worry about possible damage. They can acquire this cable protection system and supply it along with the gear to shelter it against harm, effectively extending the life of the equipment.

Premium 42mm Diameter 5-channel Hose Protector

This shield offers maximum protection for both cables and hoses. Each piece is 900mm long, 500mm wide and 55mm high. It is larger in comparison to the Standard Cable Protector to accommodate more lines underneath. There are 5 separate channels that are 42mm in diameter that are ideal for high voltage wires. They may also be used for hoses that carry either liquid or gas.

The base is broad, ramped, and black while the top flap is shorter, flat and yellow. The surface is similarly covered with a non-slip pattern. The segments are made out of extremely resilient rubber and plastic, 80% of which are from recycled sources. The design has proven to be effective at protecting cables while keeping the premises safe for people and for vehicles.

The modular concept applies here as well. In fact, Ruba-DUK produces bespoke corner segments for applications that require complex wiring configurations. These corner segments are 310mm long, 500mm wide, and 55mm high with a 23 bend. They let users cover the entire length of the cables, keeping them neatly organised despite numerous twists and turns.

Cable & Hose Protection
Medium Duty Cable & Hose Protectors
Premium 42mm Diameter 5 Channel Hose Protector Straight
Premium 42mm Diameter 5 Channel Hose Protector Straight

Standard Medium Duty Plastic Interlocking Cable Protector
Standard Medium Duty Plastic Interlocking Cable Protector

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