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Interlocking Mats

Interlocking mats are needed for many areas of work and life in general. Suitable in various industries to protect against everything from fatigue to oil and grease, on a permanent as well as temporary basis, the Ruba-DUK interlocking mats are of high quality in wet and dry areas. Our matting can also be used in the leisure industry at golf courses and horse stables, for example. Just select the right mat for your needs.

Ruba-DUK Range of Interlocking Mats

Our range includes the RUNA-MaT Comfort and MODU-MaT Tough. The former is exceptional at preventing fatigue while the latter is great f or Heavy Duty as well as General Purpose. Our MODU-MaT GolfWalk is perfect for use on golf course walkways and greens, while MODU-MaT Grass and MODU-MaT Stable are self explanatory! We also manufacture MODU-MaT Multi, which can be used as flooring as well as matting, and Modu-MaT Sturdy which is oil and grease resistant.

There are several benefits that they can provide you with.

Protect the Flooring

When you do not want to worry about your flooring being damaged, but need to do heavy duty work in a room, for example in a retail environment, such as with remodelling, interlocking mats are the best option. This can help protect the floors from scrapes, spills or other mishaps that can occur. Even if you want to extend the life of the new garage tiles you put down, this can help.

Easy to Put Down

The nice thing about these mats is that they easily snap together so that you can get the coverage you need. This can make it ideal for a quick job or when you are in a rush.

Get Just the Size You Need

Since these mats interlock you can get just the size you are looking for. No matter what size you will be able to get the coverage you want. You simply need to connect the right number of mats and you will be ready to begin your work.

Heavy Duty to Meet Your Needs

It is also important to note that interlocking mats are designed to stand up to whatever jobs you have in mind and whichever industrial environments. You can use them in a stable and they will hold up to wear and tear from horses as well waste from them. You will also be able to use the mats for construction, general use in the home, painting and so much more. Just about any place where you need a heavy duty mat, interlocking mats are the best choice.

Can be Used Again and Again

Even if you only need mats for a temporary project, this is not the only use you will get out of them. They can be used again and again for other projects that come along. This makes them a great investment as you will not have to buy new mats with every project that you do.

Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Modular Matting & Flooring
Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Modular Interlocking Tile
Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Modular Interlocking Tile

Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Modular Interlocking Tile
Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Modular Interlocking Tile

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