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Non-Slip Matting

Slips and falls are the leading causes of injury at the workplace. Figures published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that such injuries rob the UK economy of £500 million annually. In addition, employers face the risk of costly lawsuits filed by injured employees. The good news is non-slip mats can help reduce these accidents by providing a safer working environment.

Non-Slip Matting for Entrances

Many businesses and manufacturing facilities have entrances with smooth surfaces. Walking on these entrance surfaces when they are dry is not a problem. However, moisture brought from outside by workers and visitors such as clients can make such surfaces quite slippery. You can reduce the risk of people falling on such a surface by buying and installing anti-slip matting. It is easy to get a mat that suits your needs regardless of the size of surface to cover. Moreover, these mats have interlocking edges to ensure that they do not separate especially in areas that receive heavy foot traffic.

Non-Slip Matting for Food Processing Areas

Food processing can be a messy affair with liquids or oils dripping on the floor. This increases the risk of slips and falls as employees move from one part of the food processing facility to another. Non-slip matting from can reduce this risk as well cushion the impact of dropped food packaging containers such as glass bottles and jars. This has the added advantage of reducing the likelihood of injuries caused by broken glass as well as the cost of replacing broken jars and bottles.

Anti-Slip Matting For Walkways

Outdoor walkways can become slippery due to the presence of water, motor oil, and snow. For this reason, it is important to have an anti-slip material to cover the surface of such a walkway. Unlike the mats described above, a slippery outdoor walkway requires a durable all-weather mat that can withstand the elements. Furthermore, the mat you choose should allow liquids such as water to drain leaving the surface hazard free. This will make it easier to walk from either end of the walkway and reduces muscle strain. Drivers of cars, vans, and lorries ferrying goods to and from your business premises will also find it easy to manoeuvre around obstacles when it rains or snows. If an accident happens on your businessís driveway, it could easily translate to a lawsuit that could potentially cost your business a lot of money.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Anti-Slip Mat

Choose a non-slip matting that suits your needs. A mat for use inside a food-processing factory might not be ideal for entrances. Secondly, ensure that it has a textured surface to provide grip to shoes and feet when they are wet. Thirdly, go for a mat that covers a slippery surface completely.

The wellbeing and safety of your employees is very important. You can provide a safe working environment by installing slip resistant matting where spillages are common such as food and liquid processing areas. Other areas include entrances, walkways, or any smooth floor surface. The cost of buying these non-slip mats is miniscule when compared to the cost of settling personal injury lawsuits.

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