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Safety Matting

There is an increasing need for safety rubber matting in industrial sites, office and retail space, and public areas, both inside and out. Safety concerns are becoming paramount in both designing new space and finding ways to respond effectively to current unsafe situations. Unfortunately, all too often it takes an accident to force business owners to evaluate the risk of an unsafe environment.

As the largest stockist of industrial flooring and matting in the UK, Ruba-DUK understands the importance of accident prevention first, and remedial action if necessary. Our professionals are always ready to consult with management, designers, and procurement officers about how best to address their safety concerns in the most cost effective manner possible. The range of products ensures there is something to meet every need for safety mats.

Safety Challenges

Here are just a few examples of areas of concern for personal safety, whether in an office, in a fitness centre, on a construction site, in a retail shop or any other public venue or work place:

  • Slipping, tripping and falling on flooring which is wet or greasy due to a manufacturing process, equipment discharge, kitchen spill over, or rain and snow being tracked into a building
  • Being struck by a moving object such as a load or equipment shifting on a slippery or uneven floor
  • Contracting a bacterial infection in a laboratory
  • Exposure to sparks in a welding shop
  • Acquiring a musculoskeletal or circulatory disorder from prolonged standing at a workstation

Some of these situations are temporary such as a snowstorm messing up a lobby area or a time limited research project in a university laboratory. Other situations are part of the everyday workplace. There are also emergency situations for which management needs to be prepared.

Safety Matting as a Response

In all the above examples, there is a safety response that includes Ruba-DUK matting whether permanent or temporary, stand alone or wall-to-wall:

  • Various styles of rubber entrance mats including options of a honeycomb finish, scrapers for heavy dirt, or even a premium reversible mat
  • Modular matting in a variety of surface profiles and tile sizes can easily be installed to cover large areas such as temporary storage sites or gym floors
  • Anti-microbial drainage mat that is also resistant to food oil developed for food industry
  • Durable polyurethane anti-fatigue modular matting for all kinds of workstations and larger areas
  • Welding anti-fatigue, spark resistant mat with 260 degree’s C melting point
  • All-purpose jigsaw matting that can be used in wet or dry spaces to provide comfort and alleviate muscle strain
  • Anti-slip workstation mats with bevelled edges for increased safety of single user
  • Runner mats that can be cut to size and finished according to the customer needs; for example, a roll with sponge anti-fatigue backing between assembly lines
  • Modular grease and oil resistant matting for construction sites

Ruba-DUK safety matting is available in various colours, surface profiles, and finishes from small stand-alone mats to interlocking modules that can be installed quickly to cover large areas. Although it is difficult to put a monetary value on safety, at Ruba-DUK we recognise budget limitations and offer a range of prices. Whatever kind of safety matting is needed, our professional team can find a workable solution.

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