Products & Environments - SOLO-MaT Clean - Tacky Multi-Layered Dust/Clean Room Mat

SOLO-MaT Clean - Tacky Multi-Layered Dust/Clean Room Mat

Keep Dust contained by using this Tacky Mat that removes dust from the Soles of Shoes using a specialised Self Adhesive Coating.

Helps to contain the Dust Transference from one are to another and is Ideal during Demolition, Sanding or even Asbestos Removal.

Assists in creating Clean Room Envrionments or in Laboratory Conditions.

Each Mat contains 30 Layers that once used can be removed and discarded. Each layer is numbered to monitor usage and time for replacement.

Ideal for use with Low-Pile Carpets or on Concrete Surfaces.

Simple and Effective.

SOLO-MaT Clean - Tacky Multi-Layered Dust Control/Clean Room Mat

  • Tacky Mats remove Dust and Debris
  • 30 Layers per Mat - Peel of and start again
  • Ideal when Construction or Demolition occurs
  • Ex Stock from £81.57 per Mat

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