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Modular Anti-Fatigue Mats

The combination of Anti-Fatigue Properties and a Modular or Interlocking Design makes the Mattings and Floorings in this category Ideal for creating Flexible and defined workspaces for single or mulitple Standing Workers.

Anti-Fatigue Mattings are proven to reduce the risks of Lower Limb Disorders by stimulating subtle movement as well as providing a Thermal Barrier between the Worker and Hard and often Cold Concrete Floors.

Musculoskeletal Disorders are becoming an increasing problem for employers and workplaces and pressure is increasing for Employers to do all that they can to minimise Fatigue and Stress on the employees bodies.

An added advantage of using Anti-Fatigue Modular Floorings over a larger area is that they can also reduce the severity of Trips and Falls, the same cushioning properties that protect the limbs whilst standing can cushion an employee from serious Head Trauma in the event of a Trip or Fall.

Anti-Fatigue Matting and Flooring is becoming more important to both Health & Safety Managers and Directors when reviewing and updating Risk Assessments.

These Mattings & Floorings not only serve a very important Function but also look good and can help to define specific work areas either on a Temporary or Permanent basis.

With a Variety of different products available we are sure to have the right solution.

Rejuvenator® Comfort Polyurethane Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Modular Matting Solution

  • Durable High Performance Modular Anti-Fatigue
  • Choice of Finishes and Size Combinations
  • Ideal for Workstations and all Work Areas
  • Ex Stock from £173 per Square Metre

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MODU-MaT Sturdy - Modular Interlocking Oil & Grease Resistant Matting & Flooring

  • Anti-Fatigue Floor Ideal for entire work areas
  • Oil or Grease Resistant Options Available
  • Easy to install in less than a day
  • Ex Stock from £ 58 per Square Metre

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UniMod - Modular PVC General Purpose Ant-Fatigue Modular Matting Solution

  • Versatile & Economic Modular Anti-Fatigue Solution
  • Honeycomb Design that allows liquids to drain away
  • Tiles, Ramped Edges and Corner Pieces Available
  • Ex Stock from £ 5.47 per Tile

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