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Heavy Duty Cable & Hose Protectors

Heavy Duty Cable & Hose Protectors are primarily for use in Industrial Environments for providing Temporary or Permanent protection of Cables & Hoses and to minimise the risk of Trips and Falls by creating a ramped and/or visible cover of the hazzard.

Cable & Hose Protectors can be multi-channeled to allow for multiple Cables/Hoses to be run through each Protector. Some of the designs are Modular with Interlocking Straights & Corners to provide a flexible solution.

Ideal for Industrial Areas or for Professionaly Managed Outdoor Temporary event, most are suitable for both Pedestrian and Motorised Traffic with some even being suitable to be dirven over by HGVs and Fork Lift Trucks.

Premium 42mm Diameter 5 Channel Hose Protector

  • Heavy Duty Hose and Cable Protector
  • Modular to create Bespoke Cable Runs
  • Ideal for Commercial Use
  • Ex Stock

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