Products & Environments - Non-Cushioned Runner Mats

Non-Cushioned Runner Mats

These Products are used as a matting where Anti-Fatigue is not of great importance, these can be used for a Variety of applications on either a Temporary of Permanent basis.

Nomally purchased in defined long lengths or purchased by the Linear Metre, we offer Non Cushioned Runner Mats in both Vinyl (For Chemical Resistance and Performance), NBR(Nitrile Rubber for Oil Resistance and & SBRRubber for Value.

Products may also have a choice of Width, Colour Thickness and Finish so we are sure to have the product to suit your requirement.

These products can be used to Protect Floors, Define Working areas or Walkways as well as providing an Anti-Slip surface.

RUNA-MaT Vinyl - Non-Cushioned Vinyl Runner Mat

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