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Standard Rubber Rolls

Economic yet functional in most environments. Rubber Matting is a cost efficient solution.

Available in Various Finishes, Including Button or Penny Finish, Checker Plate or Diamond Finish, Fine or Broad Ribbed in Various Size and Colour Combinations.

It is suitable for Garages and Workshops, Industrial Draw Liners and is often used to line Table Tops in Industrial Uses. It is also sometimes used for Small Pets and Animals.

It does however have its Limitations, it is not suitable for Outside use as it has low Ozone Resistance Properties and care has to be taken when used around Oils and Greases as the Rubber can react.

The product is a Natural Product and therefore Colour Shades can vary and are often not vivid, it is therefore not recommended for applications where aesthetics are key.

ROLA-MaT Rubber - Standard Rubber Rolls

  • Economical General Purpose Rubber Matting
  • Available in a variety of Finishes
  • Ideal for Temporary Low Tech Use
  • Ex Stock from £ 6.25 per Square Metre

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