Ruba-DUK Safety Matting & Modular Flooring

Ruba-DUK is the UKs largest stockist of Industrial Flooring & Matting and industrial wall and corner protection products.

We supply more than 3000 businesses every year. Our extensive stocks mean we can turn emergency orders around in less than 24 hours.

From our dedicated distribution facility in the heart of the West Midlands, we offer a 1000-strong range of quality approved products that can be used in traffic control, site safety, building maintenance and, increasingly, to meet health and safety guidelines.

Ruba-Duk have Matting & Flooring solutions for all types of standard or specialist environments, temporary or permanent, fixed or free-standing. We are the experts in Workplace and Workstation Matting & Flooring to provide anti-fatigue flooring and anti-slip flooring solutions, most of which can be installed quickly and in less than a day.

Ruba-Duk are the Home to a Wide Variety of speed reduction and modular traffic management products, such as rubber speed bumps.

Ruba-Duk have a wide variety of Corner & Wall Protection Products for Industrial Environments.

We are a company with both the stock holding and set-up to ensure a Fast Delivery and a Quality Service, coupled with the technical know-how to assist with larger rubber material projects and flooring solutions.

Rubber Sheeting & Rubber Matting

We provide a large range of high-quality rubber sheeting and rubber matting. We pride ourselves on providing technical knowledge and a quality rubber compound range to meet our customers exacting requirements.

Industrial rubber products

include; Runner Matting, Rubber Cable Protection, Non-Slip Matting and Anti-Slip Matting, Anti-Fatigue Matting and Entrance Matting.

Recreational and domestic rubber flooring products

Including internal and external interlocking mats and modular flooring are also popular, such as; Stable Mats, Grass Mats and Gym Mats.

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