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"You`re not taking that Away!" (A Welder following the Trial of a WeldMate Mat)

A look at how one particular Welder got a little bit upset when we tried to take away our Sample WeldMate Anti-Fatigue Mat.

Tackling Flooring issues in Short Term or Temporary Premises

A look at how Modular & Interlocking Flooring & Matting can be used effectively in Short Term Industrial Premises and removed and re-laid when required.

Ant-Slip Surfaces in Extreme Envrionments

A look at how an Anti-Slip Flooring Solution designed for the Oil Industry is both suibtable and cost effective for everyday Industries.

We look at 5 Jobs where Anti-Fatigue Mats will prove a Hit!

5 Jobs where Anti-Fatigue Mats will prove a hit, from the Security Guard to the Board Room!