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Silicone Free Matting & Flooring - We know if you ask for it - it is important!

In recent conversations with customers we have come to understand how maintaining a Silicone Free Environment is to some companies and that even the smallest and innocuous item such as a bracelet worn by an employee can cause migration that can cause problems

We do not pretend that all of our products are silicone free and neither do we pretend to know all of the ins and outs of why a silicone presence is a complete "No" for some environments including Paint Shops and lots of Automotive Assembly Lines- we now know that if a customer requires it then it is of upmost importance and we are going to be absolutely clear on each of our Matting & Flooring products.

A number of products throughout the industry are widely sold as being Silicone Free and in terms of the actual ingredients they are completely correct, however a number of these products are produced using a Silicone Mould release agent or are produced in factories that use silicone on other products. In either case then it is difficult for the seller to completely class these as silicone free as they cannot guarantee that migration has not taken place.

For your assurance we have created a section for Silicone Free Matting & Flooring products which you can access by clicking the link below:-

Silicone Free Flooring and Matting Products

We also have some other Silicone Free products which can be looked at by clicking the next link below:-

Other Silicone Free Products