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"Sedentary"(of work or a way of life) characterized by much sitting and little physical exercise.

A look at a newly released Study on the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on long term health.

Racking Guards

foam racking protection, rubber racking guards, health and safety

Silicone Free Matting & Flooring - We know if you ask for it - it is important!

A look at how the perils of a simple wrist band caused a Silicone Migration and how this has led to Ruba-DUK tightening up its approach to Silicone Free Anti-Fatigue Matting and Flooring and how we now clearly define on our Web-Site if a product is completely Silicone Free.

Paying for Quality, Saves in the Long Run

A brief look at how sometimes paying a little bit more for your Anti-Fatigue Solutions can save money in the long term.

Where not to use a Hose Ramp!!!

A short blog about where not to use a Hose Ramp

WorkStation Risk Assesment - Are Standing Workers Stations ignored ?

A quick nudge to employers to ensure that certain job functions and workstations are not missed when completing your risk assessments.

Foam Racking Protectors

FOOD SAFE Anti-Fatigue

Anti-Fatigue, the Aging Workforce and my "Free Bus Pass"

A look at how we all need to start looking at preparing ourselves and our work environments to cope with working those extra years before we can retire.

The show must go on!

A look at how Modular Grass Matting can assist when planning outdoor events.
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