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Tackling Flooring issues in Short Term or Temporary Premises

When in any short term industrial lease or temporary accommodation there are often challenging debates over the benefits of performing any improvements. On the one hand there may be cosmetic or Health & Safety needs to improve particular parts of a building but on the other the payback on the improvements can outlive the length of your stay.

We know of a number of companies that have faced this very challenge and they have found that Multi-Purpose Modular Matting & Flooring can be the solution.

By using Matting with an Interlocking Jigsaw Design our customers have created a Good looking and Safe to Walk on Floor. However the real benefits have come at the end of the short term occupation when they have uplifted the floor and taken it with them.

Interlocking Modular Flooring being laid

The Flooring has then been re-laid at the companies new premises, and with the occasional purchase of a few additional tiles or edging strips has performed as well as it was laid the first time.

We find that this has gone down well with the Accountants as well as the Facilities, Health & Safety & Operations Managers, with the Financial Men being able to spread the cost as a Capital Expenditure rather than it becoming an Instant Profit and Loss expense.